The birthday cake


   September. 10 , 2007

   The birthday cake

   I got a call at about 9:00, and I was told that they are going to deliver me a birthday cake and a bundle of flowers. I was a little surprised. But it soon came to me that it's the Teacher's Day today. In fact, my birthday is not in the same with Teacher's day. But I changed the date of my birth on ID, and I have registered my birthday with all stuffs as the same day with Teacher's Day.

   Being a teacher has always been my dream. Unluckily and sadly, my dream doesn't come true so far. I almost became a teacher two years ago, unfortunately, I finally failed it. It seems that I can never become a teacher in my life. How sadly I feel every time when I think of this.

   Actually, I want to be a teacher, but my character won't make me a good teacher. That's what I can't struggle to be a teacher with all of my effort. I am a short-tempered man. But Being a teacher must be very patient, therefore I am incompetent to be a teacher.

   Dreams always seem to be so far away from the realities, at thought of which many people feel more or less disappointed. Perhaps, I have too many dreams that can't be come true. So I dream a lot of strange dreams every night, of which I am really fond. I guess that the dreams in sleep are a kind of compensate for my dreams of life.





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