Crispy Moon Cake


  The Mid-autumn Festival passed by. Did you eat a lot of moon cakes? My own answer is not. It is due to not only the costly price but my tasteless appetite for them. However, if we can make the moon cakes by ourselves, what else would happen? Following me now, perhaps you can find the thing.

  At the beginning, we should prepare several things -- two bowls of flour, a glass of water, a cup of vegetable oil and a bowl of sauce (This is according to your own favor, for instance, meat sauce or sweet brown sauce, etc.).

  Ok, let's start our work now. Choose one of the bowls of flour and pull it out on a clean board or a cleared table directly, then mix in the oil and beat well until smooth. Next, do the same thing to the other bowl of flour, but with half oil and half water in. Afterwards, we have two bowls of well-beaten flour.

  Following, roll the oiled one until it is in the shape of a round flat cake, but not too thin. Then put the half-oiled one on the two-thirds part of the flat cake. Fold the other one-third on this side and the remaining side on again. Now we wrapped the half-oiled dough into the center. Let's fold the upside, then the downside. Just like folding a quilt. By using the rolling bin again, roll the folded dough into a rectangular shape. Then, let's fold this "quilt" again -- upside, downside and rolling. Repeat for about four times, we can stop and make the "quilt" into a long narrow shape. Next, divide it into several round dough.

  The following things to do are much easier now. Just like making *stuffed dumplings, put the prepared sauce into the dough, but should keep the sealed side on a frying pan, one by one. This is can prevent the sauce leaking out. Finally, put the pan on the gas cooker, with a minimal fire under. After twenty minutes later, let's turn the dough over. And about eight minutes toasting again, we finish.

  Yes, looking at the moon cakes we made, the golden skins indicate they are the kind of crisp moon cakes we have. Maybe the appearances are not pretty, but have a taste of them, you find the thing?

  *stuffed dumplings: which are made of glutinous rice flour served in soup. Generally, all of our Chinese eat them on the Lantern Festival.



  Last words:

  This is the article I translated from a piece of manga story to practice my English. If you really made a success to do so, that would mean my English was improved. Enjoy! ^L^





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